Friday, April 25, 2014

Down a Dark Hall

Kit has to go to black wood because her parents are going away for their honeymoon.  She is the first one to arrive and classes start the next day. She stays there for a few months. She has only three friends and they are the only people there including her.  There Names are Ruth,Sandy,Lynda. They all become friends. After a while they all have special  abilities. They did not know that they could do that. They had bad dreams. Madame Duret the founder of Blackwood ,Jules the Music teacher Madame Durets son and Professor Farley were the four children's teachers. They  then told them that famous people that died long ago are using them to make the things they have not completed when they were alive. They all did not want to be used by spirits. They wanted to escape the place and go home.

My opinion on this book is that Lois Duncan is very good at foreshadowing. At the end of each chapter she always made a cliffhanger that led to the next chapter. Down A Dark hall is very creepy. The way she described the spirits that took over all the four childrens bodies.The way she described the dreams of Sandy's and Kit's were so descriptive that I felt that I was going through the same thing as them.

One question that I have for all you readers is What do you think will happen when Kit escapes from Blackwood? Do you think Lynda will be waiting? Is Lynda alive? Did she jump? did Madame duret  escape the Fire?

      This is the old book of down A Dark HALL. This is the book that you should read.

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