Friday, May 30, 2014


Zeus is the god of the sky. He is the youngest of his siblings and he is married to Hera. His siblings were eaten by his father. Zeus was the lucky child and was saved by his mom. He lived in a cage and the Greeks believed that is where he was born. When he was an adult he was angry. His dad ate all of his siblings  So instead of giving Zeus's father the real baby Zeus's mom gave a rock and gave it to him. Him not even thinking ate the rock. He was the brothers of very very strong Greek gods. Rhea, Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades,and Poseidon. What made him so respected is him defeating Cronus and his team the Olympians. He had lots of help. `

My opinion on this god is he has a really good attitude. When he wants something he wants it. I choose him because he is very powerful and has a good power.He is very determined too. I hope you liked my blog on Zeus. 


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Medusa gone missing?

Medusa gone Missing?
The staff  reporter

People running around crazy in Manhattan 7:00 at night. People think Medusa has gone missing. Medusas sisters think the humans killed Medusa.” While I am working I hear a crash. It was a loud boom.” says bob the manager. People Since then have been running around crazy. Houses falling down,fires everywhere it is so kayatic. Bob thinks the Greek myth Perseus has killed Medusa while she was sleeping.

In the Greek Myth Perseus was told to kill Medusa. He had the Gods by his side. He had to face Medusa without looking at her. He killed Medusa while she was sleeping. Since then Medusa is dead. Medusas sisters have been trying to find Perseus to get revenge. They want to kill Perseus because of the death of their sister.  

The oracle of apollo told Perseus to kill Medusa because Perseus would never get out the Kings way. He got angry and told Perseus to kill Medusa. He finally could get Perseus out of the way. He knew that Perseus won't make it. He will have to go through the three sisters of Medusa.  This is what people think happened to Medusa.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Down a Dark Hall

Kit has to go to black wood because her parents are going away for their honeymoon.  She is the first one to arrive and classes start the next day. She stays there for a few months. She has only three friends and they are the only people there including her.  There Names are Ruth,Sandy,Lynda. They all become friends. After a while they all have special  abilities. They did not know that they could do that. They had bad dreams. Madame Duret the founder of Blackwood ,Jules the Music teacher Madame Durets son and Professor Farley were the four children's teachers. They  then told them that famous people that died long ago are using them to make the things they have not completed when they were alive. They all did not want to be used by spirits. They wanted to escape the place and go home.

My opinion on this book is that Lois Duncan is very good at foreshadowing. At the end of each chapter she always made a cliffhanger that led to the next chapter. Down A Dark hall is very creepy. The way she described the spirits that took over all the four childrens bodies.The way she described the dreams of Sandy's and Kit's were so descriptive that I felt that I was going through the same thing as them.

One question that I have for all you readers is What do you think will happen when Kit escapes from Blackwood? Do you think Lynda will be waiting? Is Lynda alive? Did she jump? did Madame duret  escape the Fire?

      This is the old book of down A Dark HALL. This is the book that you should read.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


The Titanic

The Titanic sunk in1912 when it hit an iceberg. The full name of the Titanic is The RMS Titanic. 1500 people died during that crash. It was one of the deadliest peacetime disasters. The name Titanic came from the Greek mythology and it meant gigantic. The titanic was 882 feet and 9 inches. Edward Smith was the captain of the titanic. On 14 April 1912, four days into the crossing and about 375 miles (600 km) south of Newfoundland, she hit an iceberg at 11:40 pm ship's time. The glancing collision caused Titanic's hull plates to buckle inwards along her starboard side and opened five of her sixteen watertight compartments to the sea; the ship gradually filled with water. Meanwhile, passengers and some crew members were evacuated in lifeboats, many of which were launched only partly loaded.

Later that day the conformation came in to the news writers that the Titanic sank and many people died. The news attracted crowds of people to the White Star Line's offices in London, New York, Montreal. Many years later in 2007 a submarine went down to see the Titanic. It was cut into two pieces.

I hope you have enjoyed my blog on Titanic. If you have any questions, comments or anything else put it in the comment box below thank you .

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Swami Vivekananda

Swami Vivekananda was born in January 12 1863. His birth place was in Narendra Nath  Data in Bengal. He was an Indian Hindu Monk. He is Known for his famous speech In 1893.He was the first Indian Monk to reach America. He started off to the audience saying Hello Brothers and sisters of America. The people stared clapping for 5 full minutes. They were surprised on how he started. He was born with 9 siblings.

He was fascinated by wandering ascetics and monks. Narendra was naughty and restless as a child, and his parents often had difficulty controlling him. His mother said, "I prayed to Shiva for a son and he has sent me one of his demons".He believed  in three main gods Shiva, Ram and Sita. They are all of the three main Hindu gods. In 1871 Narendra enrolled at a college named Ishwar Chandra  Vidyasagar,where he studied until his family moved to Raipur in 1877.Ramkrishna was Swamis guru. He studied Charles darwin and many other famous people. He died at the age of 30. He said that he was inspired by his Mom. I hope you have enjoyed my blog on Swami Vivekanada. If you have any questions, Comments and how I can Improve my blog please put it in the comment box below. Thank you. 

Friday, April 4, 2014

Robert frost

Robert Frost was born in March 26 1864. His full name was Robert lee Frost. His work was published in England then it was Sent to America to get edited a little better. He was one of the most popular and respected American poet during the 20th century. He won many awards like Pulitzer Prizes for Poetry,  Congressional Gold Medal and two others.

       The moral that Robert Frost is trying to tell us is that you shouldn't do what your friends do.Do what you want to do.I like the poem because it gives a good moral. No I dont because I don't really get the moral of the story. The person was a happy person because he talks about which road to choose. 
This poem is a rhyme scheme. HE uses the Rhyme scheme after every other line. The poem will make it more interesting if it was a story because he could tell what he saw. Find out the meaning of the poem . If you have any questions comments etc please put it in the comment box below thanks. 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Beatles

The Beatles

Most bands are famous for a couple of years and then they aren't famous anymore. For a band to be in the hall of fame takes lots of hard work. Beatles stated in 1960 in Liverpool. They were an English rock band with Ringo Starr, John Lennon Paul McCartney and George Harrison. In the early 1960's their enormous popularity emerged as Beatlemania. The Beatles reputation build when they started playing in clubs. They gained popularity after there first hit song, "Love Me Do".  This song led there path to being a famous band. This is important to the world because the Beatles are a very famous band during the 1960's.

They had done many songs or albums during the years.

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