Thursday, May 15, 2014

Medusa gone missing?

Medusa gone Missing?
The staff  reporter

People running around crazy in Manhattan 7:00 at night. People think Medusa has gone missing. Medusas sisters think the humans killed Medusa.” While I am working I hear a crash. It was a loud boom.” says bob the manager. People Since then have been running around crazy. Houses falling down,fires everywhere it is so kayatic. Bob thinks the Greek myth Perseus has killed Medusa while she was sleeping.

In the Greek Myth Perseus was told to kill Medusa. He had the Gods by his side. He had to face Medusa without looking at her. He killed Medusa while she was sleeping. Since then Medusa is dead. Medusas sisters have been trying to find Perseus to get revenge. They want to kill Perseus because of the death of their sister.  

The oracle of apollo told Perseus to kill Medusa because Perseus would never get out the Kings way. He got angry and told Perseus to kill Medusa. He finally could get Perseus out of the way. He knew that Perseus won't make it. He will have to go through the three sisters of Medusa.  This is what people think happened to Medusa.

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