Wednesday, November 27, 2013

black Friday

 What's Black Friday

Black Friday is when lots of people go to stores and get better discounts. The items are much cheaper then the normal price. The three things that I found interesting about Black Friday is
1. they have a new shopping day called cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is when people don't want to fight the crowd.
2. A similar day in Canada and Great Britain is called boxing day.
3. My last interesting thing that I learned about black Friday is historians believed that the Philly started the name Black Friday. This topic is related to Thanksgiving because the people buy things the day after Thanksgiving. That's why it is related to Thanksgiving.

My Opinion on Black Friday

My opinion on Black Friday is that people are going nuts on shopping. They get up so early at 3:00 in the morning and go shopping. The people there are so crazy that they get violent. I formed this opinion by watching the news showing people fighting and throwing things at each other. The resources that I used to get information on this topic is from People would think this is exciting because some people don't know what Black Friday is. My final thought about Black Friday is it should be a calm and normal day like any other shopping days and no violence. This is my opinion on Black Friday.

My top ten list

My top ten list is about What the deals are on Black Friday.
1. lg55 inch 1080p120 led tv is 499.99 dollars.
2. Samsung 65 inch 1080p for 999.99 dollars. regular price1,499,99
3. vision series 50 inch for 599.99. Regular Price 799.99
4. Sony smart with wifi blu ray player for 54.99 dollars. regular price189.99.
5. Samsung galaxy s4 free with two year contract. regular price 199.99 dollars.
6. lg for 24.99 dollars with a two year contract. Regular price 199.99 dollars.
7. Microsoft Surfacer32 gb 199.99. Regular price 349.99 dollars.
8. Mac Book Pro 13 inch with retina display 1,099 dollars. Regular price 1,299.99 dollars
9. ipad air with wifi 16 gb for 1449.99 dollars. Regular price 1499.99 dollars.
10. HP envy touch smart lap top 329.99 dollars. Regular price 799.99 dollars.

My Final Question about Black Friday Is........
My Question is why do people have to be so violent. They should  act like normal people. My challenge is how much money do average people buy? How Much profit do they get back? My thought is do other countries except America, great Britian and Canada? How do they do it? Is it all crazy and crowded or calm and respectful. This is how I feel about Black Friday. I hope you liked My Blog on Black  Friday. Please comment on the comment box below.

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Do you know what is Sternutation?

Do you know what is Sternutation?

Sternutation is scientific name of sneezing (Ackchooo…..)

So, why do you sneeze?

Sneezing is a body’s natural way of getting rid of something irritating your nose.. It begins with a tickling sensation in the nerve endings that sends a message to your brain that it needs to get rid of something irritating the lining of your nose

If you sneeze that means that you are allergic to something. Dust, cold air, pepper etc can irritate your nose and trigger a sneeze. When germs and viruses make a home in your nose that can cause swelling and more sneezing.
Sneezes travel fast and furiously. A single sneeze can travel as fast as 100 miles per hour. That means your body can send 100,000 germs at that speed. No wonder we can contract the flu so easily during flu season

 Although your body does it automatically sneezing involves many complex coordination of several different parts of the body, belly muscles, chest muscles, diaphragm, muscle underneath your lungs and your eyelids make a sneeze. Your eyelids are important in this sneezing process because you don’t want to see what germs fly into the air. Sneezing protects your body by clearing bacteria and viruses from the nose.

When teachers and parents tell you to sneeze in tissue or your inner elbow they know what they are talking about because that can give other people your germs which is not good.

Some interesting facts about sneezing :

  • The person who had the longest sneezing spree was 978 days straight.
  • People don’t sneeze when they are asleep because the nerves involved in nerve reflex are also resting.

  • We can’t sneeze and keep our eyes open–and no one knows why
  • Our heart does not stop when we sneeze
  • How we sneeze says smoothing about us.
  • When we sneeze it can travel up to 5 feet away
  • The bacteria from our explosion into the air can spread up to 150 feet away
  • After a person sneezes people say God bless you” or similar thinhs in other languages
  • Plucking stray hairs on your face may trigger a nerve that supplies your sneeze nerve
  • Sunshine will make one out of three people sneeze.
  • Sometimes workout may make you sneeze

Some interesting videos about sneezing :

First recoded sneeze of the world.

Sneezing Panda:

Sneezing in slow motion

In conclusion: Sneezing is important to our health. sometimes watching somebody sneeze can be funny and sometimes infectious.
Some interesting links about sneezing :