Saturday, February 1, 2014

AL Capone

Al Capone was born January 17 1899. He was an American gangster who was addictated to  smuggling and bootlegging liquor, and other illegal activities. He was born in the borough of Brooklyn. When he was a kid He wanted to be the hero. One time there was this boy who stole something from a old woman. Al Capone beat him and had a parade to celebrate his victory.

Capone was involved with gang activity  at a young age after being expelled from school at age 14. In his early 20's he moved to Chicago to take advantage of a new opportunity  to make money smuggle and do other illegal stuff. He wanted to a top crime boss in Chicago. He bacame a world famous  gangster during his time. It is believed that Capone ordered the 1929 Saint Valentine's Day Massacre in Chicago killing of the seven people.

He was never convicted of any crime. Then he was convicted of tax evasion and sent to jail called Alcatraz - most secure jail of that time.  

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