Thursday, October 3, 2013

Super Croc Reborn 


A 110 million years ago a 10 ton crocodile walked on the earth.  Super Croc was as long as 40 feet that's as long as 8 metric tons which is 17,500 pounds. Sarcosuchus  means flesh eating crocodile. Did you know that super croc was discovered  by Dr. Lapperant.
In the documentary "Prehistoric Super Crocs could return to Florida" It talks about the new super croc that's 25 feet long. The video that I put below the documentary  talks  about the 25 foot long super croc which is still alive. the one below which is the documentary that also talks about the new super and the old one. In the video it also talks about how Super croc could return to Florida because two people went on a boat and saw a 15 feet crocodile that will soon become 20 feet in a couple years.

Personal  Thoughts

According to the article "Ancient Super Croc Had Cousins" He had 5 crocodile cousins Dog Croc, Pancake Croc, Rat Croc, Duck Croc,  and Boar Croc. Dog Croc was another upright croc. His nose was shaped like a dog, it ate mostly plants and grubs. It could run too ,but scientists say it likely used its speed to run from larger dinosaurs. The Pancake Croc was the largest  of  the new finds, but it was not as large as super croc. Pancake Croc could take down three times its size. It kept its flat head low to the ground, waiting for its next meal. Duck croc Is three feet long and used its long ,narrow snout to search shallow waters for its dinner of fish and frogs. Rat Croc was 3 feet long and ate plants and grubs. It stood upright and used buckteeth in its lower jaw to dig for food. And super crocs last cousin is the Boar croc. it was 20 feet long and had three rows of fangs. It stood upright and ran fast. It used its fangs to slice up its dinosaurs prey.

My Top ten Facts about Super Croc.

1. Super Crocs skull was 6 feet long.

2. Super Croc had five cousins  Dog Croc, Pancake Croc, Rat croc, Boar Croc, and Duck Croc.

3. Super Croc was found 110 million years ago.

4. It lived in wet land areas of modern day Africa.

5. Super croc used its snout to flip over its prey.

6. It weighed 8 tons.

7. It was 40 feet long.

8. He could eat a T-Rex that's 4 times super crocs size.
9. No dinosaur could beat him.

10. Super croc was the oldest and biggest crocodile in the world.

Questions and Comments

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Super Croc Had Cousins

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