Tuesday, October 22, 2013

secrets of advertisements

Introduction: Many techniques are in advertising. Two of the techniques that the commercial below and above focuses on are emotional appeal and plain folks. Emotional appeal is a technique that makes you feel an emotion. Plain folks is a technique that is designed to send messages to a person or product. I chose these two techniques in advertising because they are one of the the most common things used in adds. This add above shows emotional appeal because it shows people doing  a dancing in front of a mirror. this means that it shows the kid in side them.   the other add uses plain folks because it is sending a message to the people that you should by this product.
These are the 9 examples of techniques used in a add.
Bandwagon / Snob Appeal: That means when you feel that if you don't have that product  you're not cool. Here it says if you like Tiger woods than you would like TagHuer.


Emotional Appeal: It makes you feel an emotion, like this ad baby being safe.  


Transfer: It uses feeling on one thing to make you feel the same way.
Testimonial: Endorsement by a famous person. Here they are using a famous person to sell pimple medicine.


Stereo Type: When you are an expert or a famous person: Here they are telling us that black man are strong.


Name Calling: Insults other products or companies. Here is puts down people who wear fur.

Card Stacking: Make your product sound good.
Here marines are using travel benefit

Glittering Generalities: Slogans with emotions in it. Here they are saying that if you drink coke everything will be better.

Plain Folks: Design to send message to person or product. Here they are talking to people who want to lose weight.

Two techniques that I will tell you that makes a good advertisement.

Emotional Appeal

This add shows emotional appeal because it shows babies roller skating which is unusual for babies to roller skate at that age. They are appealing too our sense of humor. The babies are trying to tell women who are pregnant or have a young babies that ovian lotion is very affective on babies and makes them happy. All the mother wants is to keep the babies happy. All the mother want wants is too see their baby feeling comfortable and smiling and laughing. The babies are so cute when they are smiling, laughing and having fun with the other babies.

Top 10

you are doing great mom. The baby is thanking the 

Find your greatness

Heaven can wait

Super Hero


The force


Hump day


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